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July 25th 2014

140626 Kiu Cafe Update

쏘머치분들 뭐하세용 ㅎㅎ 우린 녹음중 

So Much, what’re you up to ㅎㅎ We’re recording
Thump thump
t/n 두근두근 is the sound of a heartbeat, generally used to express excitement/nervousness 
July 25th 2014

140625 Ato Twitter Update

@kmuch_official 우리 소머치! 좋은 하루 보내세요~

@kmuch_official Our So Much! Have a good day~

July 25th 2014

140625 BornUs Twitter/Facebook Update

@kmuch_official 오늘 너무 졸려서 쭈글이 처럼 있어서 죄송했어요ㅜㅜ -보너쭈글이

@kmuch_official I’m so sleepy today so I look wrinkly and I was ashamed ㅜㅜ -BornUskly

새벽에 공항은 정말 피곤피곤ㅠ3ㅠ
- 가물치 보너스

Been at the airport since dawn, I’m exhausted ㅠ3ㅠ
- K-Much BornUs

July 25th 2014

140624 Kiu Twitter Update

@kmuch_official 크롬의 새로운 유닛
가물치 큐와 지로우
짠짠 정모형
이름하여 정큐로우
각설하고 공항출발 ㅋ;;;-큐

@kmuch_official Chrome’s new unit
K-Much Kiu and G.Low
Zan Zan Jungmo-hyung
Name is JungKyuLow
Anyways, we’re setting off for the airport ㅋ ;;; -Kyu

July 25th 2014

140624 BornUs Twitter Update

@kmuch_official 우쭈쭈쭈
지석이 사랑해요~ 보고싶어:(
모두 좋은 꿈 꾸세요:) -보너스

@kmuch_official Oojjujjujju
Jiseokie I love you~ I miss you:(
Everyone, sweet dreams:) -BornUs

July 25th 2014

140623 K-Much Facebook Update

가물치 수박빨리 먹기!!의 최후 ㄷㄷㄷ

K-Much speed eating watermelon!! The end ㄷㄷㄷ

t/n ㄷㄷㄷ is slang for 덜덜덜, an onomatopoeia for shivering out of surprise/amazement/shock/ect

July 25th 2014

140623 BornUs Twitter/Facebook Update

@kmuch_official 90라인 - 뽀.큐

@kmuch_official 90 Line - Bbo.Kyu

여러장 올리면 화질이 깨지는건가용?….
-가물치 보너스

Will it ruin the quality if I upload multiples at once?….
-K-Much BornUs

July 25th 2014

140623 BornUs Twitter Update

@kmuch_official ㅋㅋㅋ오하영균:)
이건 어떻게 먹는거죵?ㅋㅋ - 보너스

@kmuch_offical ㅋㅋㅋOha-Younggyun*:)
How do I eat this?ㅋㅋ -BornUs

* t/n ohayo gozaimasu = hello/good morning in japanese as the gift/letter is from a japanese fan

July 25th 2014

140622 BornUs Facebook Update

성인 민율이라는 - 가물치 보너스

(I’m) called/known as Adult Minyool - K-Much BornUs

t/n minyool is one of the children on ‘appa! where are you going’

July 15th 2014

140621 Chrome Happy Concert
(c) Gana