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September 03rd 2014
Then we are looking forward to you !! :) You are our only link with K Much!) Please take care of yourself and get plenty of rest and come back with renewed vigor :)
asked by Anonymous

September 03rd 2014
I wonder if you saw these photos before ? You'll find sthem here in my blog :) and who is in the photos I'm confused between Sunghyun and Honggyu :)
asked by my-niel

I’m sorry, I’m not sure which photos you’re referring to? 

September 03rd 2014

Crayon Pop and KMUCH to hold a Chrome Entertainment family concert in Japan next month!



On October 4th, Chrome Entertainment artists will be holding their first family concert in Japan!

Having promoted in the United States and Taiwan earlier this year, Crayon Pop will now continue foreign promotions by returning to Japan for the family concert. KMUCH, Zan Zan, and Bob Girls are also scheduled to join Crayon Pop for this next milestone for the company, named “2014 First Chrome Family in Japan Concert.”

Scheduled to be held at the Shinagawa Stellar Ball in Tokyo, the concert provides additional hype by being divided into two performances – afternoon and evening. The first will be held at 1 PM, while the second is planned to be hosted just four hours later at 5 PM. During either one of those concerts, 20 lucky fans will have the opportunity to take photos with the artists up-close, though how fans will be able to have that opportunity has yet to be revealed.

Fortunately, at the end of the 2nd concert, all fans will be able to exchange handshakes with the artists!

An agency rep has revealed that the details are still being set in place, though their definite goal is to show their Japanese fans a myriad of different talents and colors that they’ve never seen before. As a way to give back for their support for Chrome Entertainment’s hit songs, each of the four groups will reveal exciting new sides of them for an exclusive performance. Foreign promotions will then continue for the company as a whole, such as a family Southeast Asian tour.

All in all, Chrome Entertainment has come a long way with their artists, with Hallyu Wave interest rising through Bob Girls’ debut track “No Way” and brand new entertainment reality program, as well as Crayon Pop’s recent track “Bar Bar Bar” that even landed them in a tour spot with Lady Gaga, along with an individual concert in Taiwan. Fellow member Choa has also branched the group out into acting with her role in “High School – Love On” alongside Infinite’s Woohyun and Sungyeol.

Ticket purchases will be open from September 4th, so stay tuned for additional ticketing information regarding Chrome Entertainment’s first foreign family concert!

SourceMy Daily via Naver News and Chrome Entertainment Official Twitter

September 01st 2014
Hello) I would like to ask about the interview K-MUCH for genieplay you don't change your mind to translate it? :)
asked by Anonymous

Didn’t change my mind! I have a post in the drafts full of interviews that need to be translated and that’s one of them :) It takes me a bit longer to get those done compared to Twitter/Facebook/Instagram updates but they’re still definitely coming!

September 01st 2014
I was wonedring why did you stop translating and posting? Now if K-much post anything in korean I use google translator xD which is all wrong, when will you get back ? we miss you
asked by my-niel

I’m so sorry!! ;;; I keep falling behind on updates because my work schedule is so crazy that I almost never have time to get online anymore :/ And even when I do find time, usually it’s right when I get home and I’m too tired to even think about translating anything OTL 

I’m going to be active here again soon, so just be a bit more patient!! I have lots of stuff to translate and post (interviews, Chrome Toon) and I’ve been telling myself to just get it done now before their comeback happens and I fall even further behind lol

August 29th 2014

Hi! I’m aware of the Chrome Toon project going on right now and I have plans to translate all of the episodes that feature one of the K-Much members :)

Episode 2 (which features Ato) will be posted with all the other updates once I get a chance to work on them

August 26th 2014
Is "SO MUCH" the fandom name? I've seen them tweeting it so I assumed...
asked by Anonymous

Yes! It was decided towards the end of June

August 16th 2014
does Kiu have instagram account ?

yes! His account is kxixu. G.Low, BornUs, and 2 members of Bob Girls are following him so it’s legit.

August 06th 2014
Did jaeoh write the highflies lyric by himself ?
asked by Anonymous

lmao yes, smh. pretty sure it’s what doomok was referring to in this instagram post.

August 05th 2014

140805 Bigflo Yoosung Instagram Update

울산 쇼챔에서 만난 재오 ㅋㅋ 내가준 빅플로 부채 기념

Met Jaeoh in Ulsan at ShowChamp ㅋㅋ Commemorating me giving him a Bigflo fan